The Paradox Box

An expert software system to analyze and optimize large sets of revenue data

Mobilising Revenues is About Leveraging Data

Robust and trustworthy data allows revenue administrations to adopt modern techniques, such as risk-based audit and automated compliance. 

As revenue administrations strive to label themselves ‘data driven’, the need for increased governance and data quality management practices is increasingly important.

Information becomes is now a strategic asset and must be treated as such. 

Your Solution 

Jumpstart your Audit-Risk Practices by Leveraging Built-in Intelligence

Leverage over 200 criteria developed specifically for risk analysis to identify the greatest potential for revenue increase. Add, modify and combine risk criteria as needed.

Supercharge your Risk & Audit Teams via Automation

Streamline case management using a powerful workflow engine with 360⁰ taxpayer view, built-in worksheets, and electronic communications to taxpayers.

Leverage your Existing Data and Complement your Existing Systems

Introduce principles of data governance and data quality management to your organisation by monitoring the quality of the data. Use Paradox to proactively ensure the data is cleansed, trustworthy and usable.

Increase your Revenue Collection

Utilise pre-built dashboards and graphical indicators to analyse risks, track cases and performance. Add and modify indicators as needed.

Paradox Features

 AI Powered Risk Scoring Engine

 Built-in Risk & Audit Intelligence Library

 Configurable Audit Workflow & Case Management

 Hierarchical User Management

 Connectivity to Any Data Source

 Dashboard & Alerts 

Case Studies

The Revenue Services of Lesotho (RSL) decided to introduce an automated risk-based approach to their audit and compliance. Their existing system did not have such a module.

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